Agilus Diagnostics, a pharma lab under the umbrella of Ahalya Healthcare, combines cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise to deliver accurate and timely diagnostic solutions. With a commitment to precision and innovation, we empower healthcare professionals in their quest for improved patient care.

Pathologycam Testing

Agilus Diagnostics: Advancing pathology with remote telepathology solutions

Digital Lab Service

Agilus Diagnostics: Efficient, Accurate, and Secure Digital Lab Services.

Latest Technology

Agilus Diagnostics: Harnessing Advanced Technology for Superior Healthcare Solutions

Our Expertise

Unparalleled expertise in delivering precise and reliable diagnostic solutions through our skilled team and cutting-edge technology.


We provide Pathology excellence, delivering precise and comprehensive diagnostic evaluations.

02.Molecular Diagonostics

Molecular diagnostics expertise, enabling precise disease detection and characterization

03. Advanced Imaging

Advanced imaging capabilities for detailed and insightful medical imaging services.

We focus on latest tech and Detection method

We are empowering healthcare with the latest technology and cutting-edge detection methods for accurate and advanced diagnostic solutions.


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